OG seal, still in great shape, no tears, very flexible with correct "waffle" pattern.
Its all there except for one collar from the heater box ( It comes with the sale just not pictured).
Fresh built Ford 460 engine .040 over! 460 Ford motor - fresh build! Primed, timed, ready to start! Bored .040 over. 466 cubic inches CID. Awesome engine! List of money invested: Machine shop cleaned block, bore, cam bearings, freeze plugs $375 40 over 10.5 to 1 ratio pistons $150 labor to press pistons on rods $75 roller rocker arms + push rods $230 high volume Melling oil pump $50 mild cam + ...
Last of the stash, cleaning out all T-4 parts, ask for quote w/shipping. edit- large cylinder tins are sold
Ask for pricing
ask for pricing
Price is per section
Super clean frame repair sections , perfect shock tower, no rust or damage. Price is per side.
some dings but no rust, one year only style, greyhound shipping only
Some dings, getting harder to find early lid, greyhound shipping only
Very hard to find sound deadening in original plastic wrap with grid guard. Thanks for looking
Excellent pair of big valve 1800 heads ( 021-101-371S ) with the "3 leg" emissions ports. I will include a set of tubes that have been capped off. Also includes the heater boxes with the correct port. These came from known running engine and I would not hesitate to install them as is. These are a must for California emissions and very hard to find. I super wrap these for safe transport ( greyho...
From a 74 California spec engine, great shape
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