Fully "loaded" with glass/regulators etc, rust and dent free, greyhound shipping only, price is per door
Excellent Nose from a dry Colorado donor Bus, light surface rust on the windshield area, no pin holes, a few small dings. $950 for the nose and "A" pillars delivered greyhound, add $300 if you need the frame section as well ( must be delivered separate due to weight restrictions ). The dash/headlight buckets etc will be removed. Thanks
Harvested from a 67, greyhound shipping only, price is per section
Uncut radio area! Correct for 66-67, will work earlier years as well, greyhound shipping
One year only correct section
will work to mid 71 .
Easy rebuilders, greyhound shipping only
Easy re-build candidates, springs/foam all good, latch is free. greyhound shipping only
No tears, will clean up nice, from a 67, greyhound shipping only
Nice OG , 2 minor scuffs, will clean up well, from a 68, greyhound shipping only
Great shape
Oft missing
Nice glass, ready for your frame
Box is very good, tie rods look/feel good but I never drove the donor car. These are NLA parts these days...
Good shape, kinda heavy so greyhound shipping only at this price
From a 71 , very nice shape, greyhound shipping only
Super nice, dry Colorado donor car. greyhound shipping only
Nice shape with a few "socks" (they can be purchased)
Excellent pair of big valve 1800 heads ( 021-101-371S ) with the "3 leg" emissions ports. I will include a set of tubes that have been capped off. Also includes the heater boxes with the correct port. These came from known running engine and I would not hesitate to install them as is. These are a must for California emissions and very hard to find. I super wrap these for safe transport ( greyho...
1/2 of the shroud in very nice shape
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