Dash trim

Nice shape with all the clips, from a 68
From a Rabbit I parted. Needs a cover, otherwise good and all adapter parts are there
From a 74 autostick Bug. great shape
From a 68, works well
rust free and cut correctly for easy repair
Great shape , from a 70 model. Tubes are still flexible
The knobs need replaced and one vinyl cover has tear, cables good
Good shape
Nice shape
Good shape from a 68
OG seal, still in great shape, no tears, very flexible with correct "waffle" pattern.
Its all there except for one collar from the heater box ( It comes with the sale just not pictured).
Minor crease, otherwise strong. Hard to find part
Very nice shape, heater channel is free.
Fresh built Ford 460 engine .040 over! 460 Ford motor - fresh build! Primed, timed, ready to start! Bored .040 over. 466 cubic inches CID. Awesome engine! List of money invested: Machine shop cleaned block, bore, cam bearings, freeze plugs $375 40 over 10.5 to 1 ratio pistons $150 labor to press pistons on rods $75 roller rocker arms + push rods $230 high volume Melling oil pump $50 mild cam + ...
Various doors, all 2 bolt. some with glass/hardware, some without. You get what there is, I will not mix and match. Mostly 68-73, I think one is a 67. They are rust free but have minor dings etc. greyhound shipping only. I have multiple pics of each door, just request "yellow door" etc and I'll send more
These are correct for 68-70 Bus's with intake vacuum nipple. The stamping is different than other AA manifolds, maybe dealer re-works? Anyway, hard to find and in good shape. The one with "factory" casting is sold
MSD Pro Mag Timing Retard and MSD Activated Switch MSD Noise Capacitor. ROCKVALE, TN (615) 294-6971
Impact SFI 15 Gloves New. ROCKVALE, TN (615) 294-6971
22.0X4.0-17. ROCKVALE, TN (615) 294-6971
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