excellent shape, the patched center areas will be removed before shipping, the pan metal under the rails are strong, no rust. price is for the pair!
One complete drivers seat and one good seat base ( no back ) with release. greyhound shipping only at this price, usps for a bit more
will fit any "3-point" seat set up 73-79 but correct for 74-75, easy rebuilders, great springs, and feet. greyhound shipping only
No tears, will clean up nice, from a 67, greyhound shipping only
Nice OG , 2 minor scuffs, will clean up well, from a 68, greyhound shipping only
nice pair 58-64, latches are free, minor repair needed on corner of upper band ( springs are good) an rivet would do the trick or quick tack weld. They have not been bashed on. greyhound shipping at this price, could go usps for a bit more
These are the correct one year only seats ( will install 73-79 years as well, but not correct), greyhound shipping only, Thanks
Came from a 74 wagon, minor sun fading. Its heavy so greyhound shipping only at this price
From a 64, the webbing is still good, will clean up well. receivers work
from a 64, rust free in great shape, thanks for looking..one side is sold (passenger)
early and later styles, could be daily drivers or easy restore, greyhound shipping, price is per piece. Thanks for looking
No damage or rust ( I also have the bottom that needs minor repair..not shown,ad $80,can provide pics as needed), easy restore greyhound shipping
Great shape, replace rusted/bent sections with OG, Thanks for looking
good corners and base, has section over wheel well removed, greyhound shipping
Very solid rebuild candidates or use as is. These are correct for 74-75 but will work on any 3 point pan configuration (73-77). Greyhound shipping only
From a 68, super nice shape, dry Colorado donor, greyhound shipping only